25 Jun 2013

What SEO consultants do?

SEO consultants make your site visible by carrying out several procedures on your website. Some of the jobs that SEO Consulting incorporates include:

  • Analysis of your sites internal structure, looking for any errors and loopholes
  • Defining headers on each section of each page
  • Creation of meta tags optimized for search engines
  • Creation of a sitemap, so that the site can be properly indexed and sent to search engines
  • Analysis of web content, making it more attractive to the target audience
  • Creation of alternate texts for images, along with proper densities
  • Analysis of websites that are unfriendly to search engines
  • Review of XHTML code and preparation of document to make any relevant improvements
  • Submission of website to major directories and search engines
  • Implementation of strategies for link building and exchange
  • Implementation of measurement systems
  • Conversion of analysis for improvement of ROI
  • Creation of landing pages and micro sites
  • Creation of multimedia content and blogs to promote the website

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